Karen’s Volunteer Story!

“As a volunteer on a Tuesday morning shift, I am happy to help supervise a cleaning crew from Work, Inc. and also help in any way I can with office tasks or in the apartments. But when I was able to do evening activities and spend time with the families I was especially rewarded. One activity included making healthy snacks while miniature therapy horses met with the kids and their families. Everyone loved the homemade Nutella and the animals were adored by all. Another evening called ‘Cooking with Karen’ was so much fun. Two of the siblings made a healthy recipe and the meal was enjoyed by multiple families in the community kitchen. As a registered dietitian, it has been fulfilling to offer healthy recipes that are also easy and delicious.

The most fun I had in my first year as a volunteer was on Halloween. RMH Boston Harbor Staff provided the most creative and festive food and the families outdid themselves with the costumes. We decided to trick or treat in the building, which was a huge success as so many residents loved seeing the kids and the interaction of kids and parents was a joy to behold. Anything I can do to contribute to the operation of RMHBH is very rewarding to me but interacting with the kids and families is a distinct pleasure and privilege.”

Karen Volunteer