Ev’s Volunteer Story!

“My Wednesdays are generally baking cookies and working on
putting puzzle pieces in place. It’s the most fun when the children are there and help with putting the dough on baking trays and sprinkling, very generously, colored sugar and multiple sprinkles atop the cookies before they’re in the oven. The nice smell of fresh cookies often brings families to the Community Room.

Meeting families is always special. One mom and teen-age
daughter were with us for a long time. Getting to know them and helping in navigating Boston, when the daughter was able to leave the apartment, expanded their horizons and the seemingly endless time in near isolation. Being available for the mother seemed to provide some comfort.

I was at Ronald McDonald House one Friday evening. That was great fun. A large family gathering with delicious prepared food and everyone relaxed at the end of a long often difficult week.”

Ev Volunteer