Tracy’s Volunteer Story!

“I think all my times at RMH are my favorite, but the ones that warm my heart the most are when we did a Meals with Love and added in Face Painting, a birthday party, live music, Super Hero party or combined volunteer efforts–like Valentine’s Day. The magic happens when the families hangout at the table talking to new found friends who know EXACTLY what they are going through. After a meal at RMH, I feel like I have done something important to nourish them, take a little worry away, and do this with these amazing families who are so warm and welcoming even during such a difficult time. One day that I will never forget–I was driving the RMH van to take a Mom and her daughter to go shopping at Walmart, which we did. It was February, and freezing cold. After our shopping trip, I took them to McDonald’s and they had their favorite meal. Still they were not ready to go to back to RMH. So I drove to Revere Beach. We came over the crest of the hill, and the little girl saw the ocean. She got so excited! She started jumping up and down in her car seat. Then we got out and even though it was so cold, she ran up and down the sidewalk singing about the ocean. So when people ask me “What was the greatest accomplishment in your career?” I tell them it wasn’t in my career at all, but it was the day I showed a five year old girl who was fighting brain cancer the Atlantic Ocean for the first time. Now that was something. The bottom line is that every family is a story and I feel privileged to step into their home at the time, and be there for them for an evening. Honestly, I receive so much more than I give when I am at RMH. Being at RMH gives me a sense of purpose.”

Tracy Volunteer