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Red Shoe Society

Discover service and fundraising opportunities


The Red Shoe Society of Boston Harbor is coming to Boston for the first time! This is an exciting opportunity to get in on the ground floor of the world’s newest Ronald McDonald House. The Red Shoe Society is looking for leaders who have a collective goal to raise resources, broaden the volunteer base, and help make the Ronald McDonald House feel like home for families traveling to Boston for life saving care.

As stewards of the Ronald McDonald House Boston Harbor (RMHBH) Red Shoe Society members get together to raise money, donate their time, and provide needed volunteer efforts to benefit the Ronald McDonald House, Boston Harbor.

The Red Shoe Society is a group of young professionals, ranging in age from 21-40. The Red Shoe Society gives Young Professionals the opportunity to get involved in service and fundraising opportunities for the house. The Red Shoe Society is all about giving back to the community, meeting new people and having a great time while doing it.

Getting involved gives you the opportunity to turn your goodwill and admirable intentions into direct financial and volunteer support for RMHBH. Make a difference by sharing your time, your business, social, or educational resources. Our Red Shoe Society provides you with leadership development opportunities as well as the opportunity to connect with other young professionals, businesses, and community leaders.

Giving is what Red Shoe Society is all about! Make a difference in the lives of families. Members give of their time, inspiration, creativity and fundraise to help RMHBH.

Together we plan unique and engaging events both for the families staying at RMHBH and for young professionals in the Greater Boston area.

We educate others about the House being a source of strength and well-being for children and their families

We volunteer our time to the daily operations and activities of the House


  • Networking opportunities with like-minded, philanthropic business leaders.
  • Leadership development through optional committee participation
  • Invitations to fun social activities at the house and in the community
  • Meet awesome new friends in the Boston area!
  • Meet inspirational families who will change your lives for the better

Membership Requirements

  • Membership Fee – Regular Membership for one $150/yr or $12/month, Household Membership for two $180/yr or $15/month.  It costs Ronald McDonald House Boston Harbor $150 to cover the cost of one family staying for one night.  By becoming a member of the Red Shoe Society Boston Harbor, you are already making a difference by providing a family with a free night’s stay. Thank you!
  • Attend Red Shoe Society events and help spread the word about the mission
  • Attend monthly Red Shoe Society meetings
  • Prepare a meal, snack, or fun event for the families staying at the house
  • Share your experience with friends and family and social media. Be ambassadors in the community for The Ronald McDonald House Boston Harbor